We deliver pets. Safely.

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We deliver pets.

Hi, I am Jessica Mock, owner and operator of Safe Hands Pet Transport. My company is a friendly little business located on the Central Coast of California. I work with local breeders and shelters delivering your beloved pets to you, safely, well-cared for, and in a timely manner. I also transport for breeders with any needs such as health testing and breeding appointments. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon!

We love pets.

Really, we do. I (Jessica) have experience working for labradoodle breeders, and when I transport pets, I treat them as though they were my own, and will see that they arrive home to you in good time and well-loved. I make sure that the care they receive is above and beyond USDA regulations. In addition, I stay in touch while transporting, ensuring that you feel confident in the care of your pet.

safety first.


because we care.


We keep our clients, the pets, safe by using the sanitization product that vets recommend and use, Accel. We sanitize our vehicle and equipment thoroughly with Accel before and after each pet is transported, to ensure that they do not transmit any bacteria or diseases. For more information about Accel, click HERE.